CCTV for your home

CCTV can be an effective tool in the prevention of crime. It is more of a deterrent than an actual barrier to crime prevention, but at the end of the day it does make your life a little safer.

CCTV at home, when installed correctly can achieve the following.

  • Help to identify who is at your gate, ensure that it is the person that you want to come in and that they are not being followed into your property.
  • Help you to ascertain that you are not exiting your property into a danger situation.
  • Asses alarms that occur at night so that you don’t have to enter into a danger situation.
  • Check on the situation at home from your office, that children are being properly cared for or peace of mind in the event of a false alarm.
  • Asses whether you are not entering into a danger situation on your way home by checking the area before you get there.

CCTV as said before, can be a great tool in domestic situations as listed above.


CCTV in your Business

Tailor made systems can cater for your specific requirements, and assist you in the following situations.

  • Ensuring that staff are not slacking off on the job.
  • Watching checkout counters for over delivery of stock.
  • Watching cashiers for misscanning of products.
  • Checking on your premises after hours.
  • Watching for shoplifters and reducing shrinkage.
  • Checking delivery and dispatch area’s.

These are a few of the areas that we can cover for you but the actual list is huge. You think of an application and we will tailor make a solution for you.


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