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When it comes to Gate Automation, we again, have worked closely with one company. Centurion Systems, over a 17 year partnership, which makes us confident in their capabilities. Support and back up service provided by Centurion Systems to all their clients.

Why Centurion

There are several makes of gate motors. But the research and development that goes on at Centurion is astounding. We always want to be on the cutting edge of technology, able to deliver that straight to you, our clients. These days, a gate motor is not just something that opens a gate. It is an integral part of your security system and should be considered as one of the most important barriers and never to be overlooked as part of your security.


Gate automation is not just a simple matter of installing a motor onto your gate. A proper assessment needs to be made of your gate, size, weight, access other than the motor etc. The correct solution found and then that solution needs to be installed properly.  Again, a good motor installed badly makes it a bad motor, a simple entry level motor installed well makes it a good motor. The technicians that install the motor are often times more important than the make of the gate motor.












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